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Maximum Hentai 94% One game rotated every 4 days.
The best places about Hentai games 92% A very good site with games and excellent links.
Doujin Gamez 89% H Games and roms for PC, SNES, GameBoy...
Daniel Lau homepage 90% Hentai games ISOs.
New Reycava Homepage 98% Reycava's page is back. As good as usual.
Moonlight Page 86% H Games, most of them in English.
Hentai School 96% A very good page with a lot of interesting things.
Purple Haze 93% Movies, games, pictures,... Very good.
The Hentai Depot 94% Excellent site with many games, full movies, pictures...
All Anime Free 93% Very good site with games, videos and pictures.
OnAnime Hentai 84% AC Gold protected site. The games area is rather poor, but the rest is not bad.
Aleation's Realm 87% Games in English and Spanish.
La Villa Hentai 89% Games are located in FreeDisk accounts. Spanish.
X68000 Games 87% Many Games for PC98 and X68K.
AloneSoft Corp X 92% REALLY good site (Spanish) with many games in English and Japanese.
Hentai Universe 87% Whole English games (not ripped).
DOS Graveyard 90% Site dedicated to adult abandonware.
Soul Hunter 88% Portuguese only. Many sections to choose from.
P2K: Hentai 94% Very good page with games, videos and more.
Oziris/Darker Hentai 90% Games, kisekae dolls and H stuff.
ALFEROMZ 94% Spanish only. H-Games are really good.
K.K.'s Hentai Gaming Zone 93% Very good site with many H-Games.
Ababox Home page 89% Even this site is Portuguese only, has many good things. 87% Games, videos, mangas and series.
D.H.A.M. 87% Page with many games. In Portuguese.
Hentai - Zone 88% Good Hentai page with 2 H-Games.
100% Hentai 85% Only a few games. Anyway you can also find pics and movies.
Hentai Warehouse 84% A few games that you can download via FTP.
Awesome H-Game Collection 83% Only a few games available at this moment. Download the games is not intuitive.
Hentai Reality 91% Free site with H-Games in English and Japanese.
Promised Land 89% A good site with rare Hentai games.
Games Square 86% This site have an special area dedicated to H-Games.
Hentai-x 65% A few games.
Izumi2's Hentai Anime Games Place 92% Updated very often with cool games.
Azathoth's House O' Hentai 73% Games for Windows and MacOS
Hentai Forever 88% Pics and games.
HentaiGame 77% Pay site.
Anime densetsu 90% Demo games and plugins for Grapholic and Susie.
Erotic - Games 84% Paying site with some free downloads.
Adult Game Vault 85% Adult games (Not only Hentai games).
MultiHentai 94% Games and videos.
AAA Cool Hentai sites 89% Games, videos and pics.
Hentai Underground 86% Games + Videos + Pics.
Hentai Castle 98% You won't find a better page with games.
Lotsa Hentai for big Hentai Freaks 89% Many games (but some links are broken).
House of Yes 83% Adult games and software.
Virtual Sex Games 82% Demo games and links to developers.
EvilGamez 90% Good site. Updated every month.
Plasticman's Hentai Zone 95% Many games.
Hentai Muff 85% AC Gold needed.
The Hentai Fan 89% Games and walkthroughs.
Hentai PC 94% Games and a good series.
Hentai World 91% Games updated very often.
Awesome H-Game collection 87% Have to visit sponsors before downloading anything.
Hentai Disaster 94% Free site with many Hentai games.
Hentai World 92% Even the page is Portuguese only, it has interesting games plus good Hentai stuff.
Klozz-üp +hentai+ 88% IE users only (Netscape users can't have access to this page). Games area is not bad, but some links are broken.

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